Happy Halloween!

October Round Up

I enjoyed a busy October celebrating both my birthday and the Autumn Equinox with family. I took a break from commercial design work overall. I drank just as much coffee and probably ate too much cake, but it was a good month. While a few of the planned projects were delayed or canceled from my September list, I did finalize everything else on my schedule. Looking forward to sharing the designs soon!

Two Cover Designs Recently Released

Available on Amazon

I had originally designed this cover for Michelle Weidenbenner back in 2017. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it took a while for the author to bring out this title, but it is now available and I’m excited to share it. While the design is simple – it works quite well for this genre. Yellow was a popular color in design trends when we came up with this cover.

Available on Amazon.

This is the seventh book in this series by Wendy H. Jones and I still love the branding that we developed for this series. This time I was asked to combine a photo of Dundee with elements representing New Orleans. It seems like an odd pairing, but no doubt all is revealed between the pages of the book! Wendy is such a joy to work with.

Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween! I look forward to working with many talented clients during the month of November.


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