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Standard Design Questionnaire

  1. Title of your book (and any sub-titles or volume numbers)
  2. Author’s name (if different than your real name)
  3. Publisher’s name/contact – if self-publishing, which online printer will you be using (examples: Amazon/KDP, Ingram Sparks, Lulu, etc.)
  4. Format: paperback (three-panel), eBook (front cover digital image)
  5. Publishing timeline: what are your expectations for delivery of cover design?
  6. Tell Me About Your Story (in your own words, not the back blurb)
  7. Main Character’s Name & Description (include age, physical attributes, personality, and anything important that stands out)
  8. General Mood of Your Story (adventure, comedy, romance, mystery, crime, etc.)
  9. Target Reader Age Group
  10. Any Ideas / Desires / Wants / Theme / Colors for Your Cover Artwork
  11. Any Existing Covers you are drawn to? Please List Title & Author
  12. Technical specifications: trim size (5X8; 6X9; 5.5X8.5 etc.), interior paper: crème or white, paperback cover jacket: gloss finish or matte finish (if not known now, I set the concepts at the largest trim size)
  13. If publishing printed formats, will you supply your barcode image? If not, please provide the printed book’s ISBN number so I may generate a barcode for you (no additional fee to generate the barcode)
  14. Your Back-Cover Blurb (can provide and/or edit later if not known now)
  15. Your final page count once your manuscript has been typeset by your publishing service (can give this later if not known now)

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