AI Generated Designs

While many artists see AI tech as a negative impact on our profession, I choose to view it as a new tool with great potential in the near future. I choose to be ahead of the curve, if I can be. So, I’ve jumped into #MidJourney and I am also involved in Adobe’s beta testing of their new product Adobe Firefly. I see how being able to generate things that I could potentially use in my own designs could give me a big boost and save time. I believe that Adobe’s plans are to allow Firefly to only data mine their own stock library and images within the public domain – basically not stealing existing copyrighted material. This is the perfect arrangement for myself as a commercial graphic designer. But for now, I’m simply playing with keywords and learning how to get results. Below are examples of what I have been able to generate using keywords and even uploading my own photos:

My AI Journey


People and Character Creations


DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the source images that might have been mined by MidJourney in order to create any of the designs above on this page. These are all simply for fun, no copyright infringements intended. None of the above are for sale in any way, shape or form. Just for fun and learning what AI can do.

2023 Cathy Helms