Ramblings from a Frazzled Designer

Sunday Coffee Confabulating

The world is still being ravaged by the COVID virus. Hurricanes, wildfires and rioting are now a part of daily news bulletins too. I am grateful to remain safe and tucked away in my office working away on design projects. My thoughts go out to all of those affected by tragedy. Far too much unrest and violence in the world today.

Once again, I haven’t had the time to rest on my laurels this month – I’ve even turned away a handful of requests as well. I simply cannot take on any further work. I am booked into November – so, I’ve closed my calendar to any new projects for the rest of 2020.

Just completed, a trilogy of covers for Historical Fiction author Maggie Craig‘s Storm Over Scotland series. Two are up on Amazon, so I can share those with you at this time. Book three will be out shortly.

Available on Amazon

I’ve completed what feels like one hundred map illustrations recently. These are not my primary focus as a graphic designer – but somehow I’ve ended up agreeing to do far too many of them this year, and most ended up needing completed over the past 45 days. Book cover design remains my principle talent. So, do I discontinue the service of map illustrations? Possibly. I’d prefer to stick to my strengths.

I was hired to design an eBook cover for an author’s group writing an anthology – it was a fun project for me and I look forward to the official announcements about the project so I can share it!

I had the pleasure of designing a logo for dear friend Helen Hollick‘s new venture – Taw River Press! Helen was my first client when I went into book cover design way back in 2008-09 – and I’ll be working on two new covers for her shortly. Lots happening for Helen!!

I have several additional covers for a variety of clients to complete before I take my winter break in December. I look forward to all of those as well.

Bones Coffee!!!!

I discovered a new coffee company that I just love. Bones Coffee!! I ordered several bags recently and we’ve been enjoying trying new and tasty flavors. I still love my Starbucks, but it is fun to try other bespoke small batch coffee makers too.

Until I find the time to take a breath again,
may you all stay safe and healthy!