Cupcakes and Creativity

Absolutely true!!

I hope that all of you are safe and surviving this COVID-19 pandemic. I am blessed to not be affected in any negative ways this summer. In fact, I am busier than ever on the design front. Health-wise – I continue to be very cautious and practice social distancing any time I venture out from the homestead. I go out for coffee and cupcakes – but donning my mask of course!

Before I get to a couple of completed book cover designs, I’d like to share another example of my capabilities with Photoshop. Nearly every book cover design requires me to be able to successfully crop, blend, colorize, alter and combine photographs and typography in order to present a final design.

Here are three stock images that I worked with in order to create a fantasy scene for practice in Photoshop.

stock images purchased from Shutterstock and Neostock

Combining these resources, along with some texture, coloring and cloud images, I was able to settle on this design:

I added longer hair to the model, streaming sparkly lights and also highlighted the lamps on either side of her. I also used a custom filter plug-in from Topaz Labs to blend the entire collage together.

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