Coffee and Cover Design

I’ve been drinking buckets of coffee and spending more labor hours typing emails than actually working in Photoshop these days.

However, I do want to share two of my latest book cover designs as both clients have revealed the covers this week on their social media accounts.

The first is from Debbie Viggiano – her book is ‘Willow’s Wedding Vows’ coming out shortly.

Available for Pre-order via Amazon US and UK

I also created a couple of marketing graphics for Debbie:

The second new release is for Ian Wilfred – his book is Return to Luckett Quay coming in March.

Both authors are wonderful, long-time clients who are a joy to work with. They both come to the table organized, knowing what they want, and we come to a final design with no fuss and easy communication. They are both gems – always upbeat and easy to please. We also share a working relationship with Rebecca Emin – a lovely editor and formatting professional in the business.

I have a handful of additional titles to set the paperback files for printing over the next few weeks. I need to finalize map illustrations for another client, and begin new cover designs for several additional clients as well. I’m more than grateful for the constant requests for my design work. I do need to space out the projects a bit more going forward – or I will not be healthy enough to keep up this job too much longer. My various doctors are on me to do better at taking care of myself. So, don’t be too surprised if I turn you down or push out your request for a couple of months – I simply MUST stick to a schedule that includes self-care and refrain from stress at all costs. I love what I do – but my health comes first.

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