It’s Snowing & I Need Coffee

February is about to push into my schedule with snow heralding its arrival.

This is totally unscripted, so forgive my off-the-cuff comments. I just uploaded my updated home page for February as massive snowflakes fall just outside my office window. It has been a battle trying to ignore those pretty fluffy things and keep focused on work. And it has been a tough week trying to make progress on my design jobs with the massive amounts of emails incoming daily from clients who need things from me….some ASAP and some over time. But it takes time to respond to all of those emails…time away from my scheduled project deadlines. And by the gods, I do have a life away from this computer. Ha! But I cannot stop the influx – now if I can learn to say ‘no’ more often and only accept jobs that I want to do. (says every designer on the planet in a perfect world). January had me feeling quite overwhelmed….must not let that continue.

I have projects scheduled through May of this year. I am taking a vacation in June. So, if anyone out there is hoping to book me for a cover design this summer – I don’t have another opening until July. I cannot take on any further additional projects right now.

More of my designs that I’m excited about will hopefully be released soon by my clients. I’ve been proud of my growth as a book cover designer in recent months. And I do feel that it shows whenever a client trusts me to do ‘my thing’ and design what I feel is best for their book.

Coffee cups up to all of my fellow artist souls out there!

2 thoughts on “It’s Snowing & I Need Coffee

  1. Pleased to hear that you are so busy Cathy – you’ll deserve that break! Hope you’re not snowed in…x

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