Welcome, Tamian Wood, to the Summer Ice Cream Social at Avalon Graphics!

Summer Ice Cream Social banner

Welcome, Tamian Wood, to Avalon Graphics’
Summer Ice Cream Social!!

Tamian Wood

[Cathy of Avalon Graphics] First things first – I have to ask what your
favorite ice cream flavor is:

[Tamian]Strawberry or Raspberry or Blueberry (but only because they don’t make a Mulberry ice cream) Detecting a theme yet?

[Cathy of Avalon Graphics] Tamian, please tell me a little bit about yourself!

Hello Fans and Followers of Avalon Graphics. My name is Tamian Wood. I am a graphic designer and owner of Beyond Design International. I live in sunny south Florida with my darling husband and my furry four legged son. I design covers for all genres, and all manner of marketing materials such as bookmarks, author cards, banners for book signings, and even billboards (for when you get really famous!) You can visit my WAY COOL, drool worthy, cover design video trailer here…

(fantastically created by our very own, talented, Ms Helms at Avalon Graphics)
And now, without further ado….

Just a few curious questions I’m putting to my guests
while we are enjoying our ice cream today:

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Hmmm, it would have to include having all the money in the world too, because I’d LOVE to live on Captiva Island on the west coast of Florida. It is the most tranquil peaceful place to be. I can imagine looking out my window at the ocean, listening to the waves as I design. I truly think my work would improve too, so perhaps it could be considered a business expense! Ummmm, UNCLE SAM???

Captiva Island, Florida

What inspires you every day and why?

My clients inspire me every day because they are the most creative and interesting people. I love bringing their stories to life!  [Cathy] I would answer the same myself!

Beyond Design International   TempestGate

[book covers designed by Tamian]

What is your favorite food?

Seafood and then Chinese food. And if you can combine the two, BONUS! – So much the better!

What is your fondest memory?

Oooo, that’s a tough one. I have so many. Meeting my darling husband… The day my four legged furry son came home… Meeting my sister for the first time (We were both adopted) Meeting my bio Dad… Fishing with my Adopted Father. Taking my darling husband to one of my favourite places on earth (Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds, UK) My BFF’s last Birthday BASH when she came to visit me for two weeks and we did EVERYTHING under the sun, including swimming with dolphins, paddle board yoga, diving for lobsters, snorkeling, touristy things and just all round had a BLAST!

I could go on, but I’m sure your readers have better things to do than read on and on and on… (I lead a truly blessed life!)

Tamian Wood


What is your pet peeve and why?

Ok, this is going to sound silly, and perhaps a bit snobbish, but people who don’t say things properly. Like aks instead of ask, or irregardless, which ISN’T A REAL WORD! Even my darling husband says things like Stone Hedge!!!! Drives me INSANE! I’m SURE he does it on purpose.

Favorite book in the world?

Oh Lordy! Only ONE? You’d have had better luck asking my favourite movie. That I could narrow down. Ummm, The complete collection of Anne McCaffery’s Pern stories. That’s only one, right?


Beyond Design International

[book cover designed by Tamian]

Favorite scent?

Hmmm, scent or smell? (I was asked this once before so I had a ready answer for smell. Shame to waste it)

Scent – Gardenias

Smell – Okay, this one may be a shocker. Spent diesel fuel. Even weirder, the reason – because it reminds me of England. HUH? *head scratch* Well, it’s a bit of a story. I was born in Oxford (Witney to be precise) and from there adopted by a British woman in the Royal Air Force and a man in the American Air Force. After their tours ended, I was brought to America. Every time we would go back home to visit friends and family we would travel, by bus, all round the country. So the smell of a diesel bus was forever imprinted on my brain as a reminder of home.

Most of my British friends and family say I’m all American since I lost my accent in school, as the direct result of much teasing. And my American friends just think I’m weird for saying things like “Ta”, “peckish”, and “porridge”, and properly pronouncing the “d” and “n” in Wednesday. And trust me, trying to teach my friends in school the proper way to pronounce “water” was a never ending source of amusement. *eye roll*

My four legged furry son knows my full on British accent, and my feeble attempts at French, God bless his pointed little head.

How did we meet?

In the Romance Book Covers site. I was admiring your work, and you reciprocated and we’ve been fast friends ever since. Our very own mutual admiration society. It was just a funny coinkydink that we almost worked with the same publisher. [Cathy] That was a wild coincidence indeed! Glad things turned out otherwise for us both!

Cathy has graciously asked me to fill in for any last minute needs. Feel free to contact me if you need any design work done while Cathy is frantically packing and slowly loosing her mind.

I promise not to steal you. (maybe) 😉 [Cathy] *shifty eyes* Mayhap I re-think that! Ha! Nah, I certainly do appreciate the help while I am out of commission, there is no one I’d trust more in all seriousness.

Thanks for taking the time to make it all the way to the end. Hope you enjoyed the time spent. Bright blessings upon your day!

Beyond Design International

Tamian, thank you so very much for stopping by and sharing with us! I am so very grateful for your generosity as both a designer and a friend. Your friendship has enriched both my career and my personal life! Cheers!!!

Check out Tamian’s portfolio and more information on her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter too:

Tamian’s Official Website: www.beyonddesigninternational.com
On Twitter @BeyondDesignInt
Facebook Page

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