Welcome, David Ebsworth, to the Summer Ice Cream Social at Avalon Graphics!

Summer Ice Cream Social banner

Welcome, David Ebsworth, to Avalon Graphics’
Summer Ice Cream Social!!

David Ebsworth author

David Ebsworth

[Cathy of Avalon Graphics] First things first – I have to ask what your
favorite ice cream flavor is:

As it happens, my favourite flavour (UK spellings betray me straight away, huh?) is Apple Pie ice-cream, as served at the heladería Las Dunas in Guardamar del Segura, southern Spain. Eating ice-cream is one of those things that should be done socially – and they do it nowhere better than Las Dunas!

[Cathy of Avalon Graphics] David, please tell me a little bit about yourself!

I´m a former union negotiator and organiser, now retired and writing historical novels under the pen name David Ebsworth. I´m married to my own “ideal reader” (Ann) and we have a whole soccer team of grand kids, all teenagers and young adults.

The Jacobites' Apprentice

Available on Amazon

Just a few curious questions I’m putting to my guests
while we are enjoying our ice cream today:

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

We already divide our year between North Wales and southern Spain, and ridiculously happy in both. But if I had to choose somewhere else, it would be the West Coast of Scotland – somewhere near Oban, I guess. It’s my family’s “spiritual home” but also incredibly beautiful.

What inspires you every day and why?

The thing that inspires me most often in life is humanity’s struggle to achieve (with acknowledgements to John Denver here) all that we can be, rather than what we actually are! At a more mundane level, it’s daily swimming (most of my best creativity happens on or in the water); a modest amount of espresso (to keep me awake and alert); and time spent with Ann.

The Last Seal

Available on Amazon UK

What is your favorite food?

Is there any food to surpass Spanish cuisine? I don’t think so. Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world and I can’t think of anything more civilised than a tapas-crawl through the old streets of Córdoba, with good company, sampling those gentile glasses of fino sherry at each courtyard establishment in turn.

What is your fondest memory?

My fondest memory? Am I allowed this one? It would be skinny-dipping with Ann on one of the lonely stretches of the Tagus River, wandering the Portuguese border, back in the day.

What is your pet peeve and why?

Superstition and fanatical dogma – the ultimate obstacles to humanity actually becoming all that we can be, rather than what we actually are! Oh, and anybody who doesn’t like ice-cream!


Favorite book in the world?

That’s such an unfair question! Can I have two? If so, they’re Rosemary Sutcliff’s Sword at Sunset, and Primo Levi’s If This is a Man.







[Cathy] Sword at Sunset is one of my all-time favorites too!!

Favorite scent?

Without doubt that would be the smell of pine resin in the woodlands of Mediterranean Spain.

How did we meet?

How did we meet? Well, virtually-speaking, through a timely introduction from mutual friends, Jo Field and Helen Hollick, when I’d written book number one and was searching – successfully, as it turned out – for the best cover designer in the business. Then, physically (in the most modest sense of the word, naturally) at the 2012 Historical Novel Society Conference in London (England, of course!). The rest, as they say, is…

The Assassin's Mark map







Dave, thank you so very much for stopping by and sharing with us! I had a blast hanging with you and your lovely wife Ann at the London conference last fall!  You are one of the most upbeat and charming folks in the business! I envy your worldly travels and exquisite talent for storytelling. Keep at it! I’ll not tell anyone about the skinny-dipping in the Tagus River – your secret is safe with me 😉

Check out David’s books and more information on his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter too:

Dave’s Official Website:  www.davidebsworth.com
On Twitter @EbsworthDavid
Facebook Page
On Goodreads Dave has a great blog with writing tips!

4 thoughts on “Welcome, David Ebsworth, to the Summer Ice Cream Social at Avalon Graphics!

  1. So good to read an interesting post knowing the man behind it is one of the world;s nice gentlemen! (& we need the ice cream here in the UK Cathy – though eat up quick before it melts!)

    • Dave certainly is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting too! Still suffering a heatwave are you? It is massively humid here, but not has hot as a typical July day.

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