eBook Cover Design Revealed for Sue Fortin’s ‘United State of Love’

I had re-designed Sue’s eBook cover back in April and it is now available for purchase on Amazon UK HERE. Sue had originally hired me to design the cover for United State of Love back in 2012 and we came up with a good design then. In re-thinking things this year, Sue decided to refine it and go more solidly after her target market.

The original cover I designed in 2012:

United State of Love mq

The re-designed cover for 2013:

United State of Love

Sue recently posted a wonderful blog entry about her experience in the process of re-thinking the cover design for this book and our collaboration. You can read about it HERE.

For me, the process was fairly easy as Sue is an excellent communicator and came to me with a clear image of what she had in mind. All I had to do in the end was pull together the vector art files and polish the design for Sue. I hand illustrated the American flag design into the windows and switched out some of the color fills to make the overall design more balanced. I think settling on the fonts turned out to be the most challenging part of this re-design! WE both felt that a script style was appropriate, but the challenge was finding one that was still legible at thumbnail size. In the end one was settled upon and we are both quite happy with the result.

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